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Capture cinematic quality video for an affordable price!


In need of a video service that won’t cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars? If you desire your business to be seen on the internet, having professional cinematic quality video is a sure way to doing so! It can be extremely expensive to hire film crews, but at MHP Productions, we eliminate excessive crew and still deliver a top notch video you can be more than proud of.

My name is Matthew Peer and I’m a digital story-teller, and founder of MHP productions. I’m well versed in all aspects of the medium such as cinematography, directing, screenwriting, and editing. I’m a one man crew that gets the job done. People never forget a great movie once they see it, so why not apply the same techniques to your video!



Planing is key to every production. After gathering details about your business and your goals with your video, you will receive a script outline. We will also schedule a time frame to begin production. Release forms must be signed by all appearing in the video before we begin our scheduled shoot time. If adjustments need to be made, they’re entirely free..


Video and sound quality are extremely important. Professional equipment will be used on your video to insure top quality video. Shooting hours can range 4 to 10 hours per day for videos ranging from 1 minute to an hour. Further scheduling can be done for lengthier material to cover for additional dates of shooting before the editing process.


Pacing is essential for your audience. The editing service includes editing your footage into clips, custom lower third title cards, color correction, enhancing audio, and adding music . You will receive a digital download of the final result to your email with a watermark. If adjustments need to be made, they’re free. Once approved, the watermark is removed and it’s ready to be seen!

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